Journey to Net Zero


Harriet Parker, Sustainability and ESG Manager at Low Carbon, discusses our journey to net zero”.

History will determine the legacy of COP26, and whether the pledges made by global leaders will accomplish enough to avert a climate catastrophe. If the international community makes good on its commitments – at COP27 and beyond – there is every chance the Glasgow Summit will be remembered for lasting change brought about by decisions on deforestation, methane emissions, climate finance and the phasing-out of coal.


Low Carbon Energy Day – Oakley School


When we founded Low Carbon ten years ago, our overarching ambition was to build a better and more sustainable future for all. By investing in renewable energy, developing new green energy assets, and optimising the way renewable sites are managed, we are taking steps every day to reduce our environmental impact and protect the livelihoods of future generations.

As evidenced by activists like Greta Thunberg, engaging young people in the debate plays a vital part in keeping climate change high on the agenda. We were therefore thrilled when Oakley CoE Combined School approached us after hearing of our plans for the Ray Valley Solar Park, a project in collaboration with the social enterprise Low Carbon Hub.


Celebrate biodiversity and support local beekeepers with our Honey Sommelier Quiz


Where would we be without honeybees? The fascinating species are integral to supporting biodiversity across the world, whilst being one of the few insects that can produce food for us to eat. However, climate change has significantly decreased the global population of the honeybee – with UK bee population levels halving over the last 20 years. One of our most important missions at Low Carbon is to help  them thrive, and we’re proud to have been supporting and protecting bees on our solar parks for more than five years now – something we will continue to do.

Alongside our work to support bee populations, we have created a new interactive Honey Quiz, perfect for foodies to find their ideal flavour from hundreds of honeys from around the world. Supporting local, rather than commercial honey, helps in the fight to save our bees, and not to mention opens up a whole new world of delicious flavours to try!


COP26 reflections


When Prime Minister Boris Johnson told world leaders at the COP26 opening ceremony that the climate crisis was at “one minute to midnight”, he unintentionally foreshadowed how the conference would end. But after a two-day extension and three published drafts, the United Nation’s Climate Conference ended on Sunday with almost 200 countries agreeing to “keep 1.5C alive” and finalise the outstanding elements of the Paris Rulebook.

A week on from the Conference’s official end, we reflect on the most significant accomplishments of #COP26 in our fight against climate change:


Investing for Net Zero


The first COP26 goal is to ‘secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach’. In pursuit of this, countries are called on to take a number of steps, including accelerating the phasing out of coal, curtailing deforestation, speeding up the switch to electric vehicles, and encouraging investment in renewables.

The public and private sectors have a huge role to play in reducing emissions and driving towards our net zero goals. Whether it be by changing their own daily practices, adopting green technologies, or by investing in innovation and supporting research and development, all their actions – and the precedents they set – bring us another step closer. In recent years, many companies have shifted their investments towards net zero projects, or invested in measures to make their own operations net zero.