An innovative approach to renewable energy investment

Satish Kumar – the editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine – shares his support for Low Carbon’s innovative approach to fighting against the negative effects of climate change

Make no mistake-in the run up to the Paris Climate Change Summit (COP21), governments across the world cannot ignore the widespread momentum that the ‘divestment’ movement is gathering. Many institutions, nation states and high-profile individuals have already stated their intentions to move fossil fuel investments into climate change solutions.

As well as national governments and high net-worth individuals, it is the institutional investors that have the true power and resources to make a significant contribution in the fight against climate change. However, they cannot make this change unless fully incentivised by government and policy makers, and we hope to see this call to action brought to the fore at COP21.

Following a meeting with Nigel Labram, Low Carbon’s investment strategist, Kumar commented “The time has come when insurance companies and pension funds in particular must show their commitment to a sustainable future by investing their funds in green and renewable energy. Low Carbon is to be congratulated for recognising this and mobilising investment in renewable energy. This is a timely initiative and I fully support the work of Low Carbon.”