• Ten years ago we set about building a business that would stand the test of time, for the benefit of both the planet and future generations.

  • About Low Carbon

    We are committed to making a positive and significant impact on climate change by investing in large-scale renewable energy projects including solar, wind, energy from waste and battery storage.

  • Why renewables

    The acceleration of climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity. Only global intervention through investment in renewables at scale, will enable us to arrest the proliferation of carbon.

  • We are a certified B Corp

    As a certified B Corp, we envision a world that uses business as a force for good. We believe we must play our part at the forefront of change in the global economy, seeking to do no harm and benefitting all.

  • Net zero

    As part of our vision, we believe it is critical to build scale and momentum in renewable energy generation to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately achieve net zero emissions.

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Our 2020 Stats

The Keeling Curve
(latest global CO2 emissions)

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CO2e Emissions Avoided
(tonnes since commissioning)

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Homes Powered
(per annum)

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Renewable Energy Pipeline
(in development)

> 8 GW