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A mission like ours requires partners. We build strong and lasting partnerships with investors who understand our purpose. And we invite individuals, investors, suppliers and energy companies to join our effort and put climate at the centre of everything they do.

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Asset Management

Currently, Low Carbon manages more than 100 operating renewable energy sites for ourselves and our clients. We have experience in managing a range of renewable technology assets including solar, wind and battery storage.

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Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach to development, land and marine management that leaves biodiversity in a measurably better state than before the development took place.

Low Carbon development projects are calculated to enhance biodiversity by more than 80% and we are able to provide surplus biodiversity units to developers in the regions where we are building solar farms.

Sheep on a Low Carbon solar farm


Low Carbon works with people who have land available and are interested in the opportunity to generate long-term, inflation-linked income.

We treat our communities as our real partners. Our projects are typically in place for 40 years and provide a huge opportunity for local ecosystems to thrive. The land remains available throughout for the grazing of sheep or to host pollinator gardens.

Solar farm seen from above, a river in the background


We operate across the full investment life-cycle: from concept, to development, construction and operation.

For more than a decade, Low Carbon has been developing renewable energy projects, and we pride ourselves on delivering high quality sites which optimise output. We work with other companies who share our vision and can help to build a completely renewable energy system.

Partnerships with a difference

Partnership with Emirates Great Britain SailGP Team

This ground-breaking partnership between Low Carbon and The Great Britain SailGP Team uses sport to inspire climate action around the world.

Low Carbon logo on the SailGP sail boat

Portable Off-Grid Power Solution

Low Carbon's Portable Renewable Energy Blueprint is a a ground-breaking guide for sports teams worldwide.

Low Carbon and Emirates GBR introduce the industry's first Portable Renewable Energy Blueprint. This initiative invites sports teams and industries to embrace renewable energy practices.

Athletes wield unparalleled influence. By proactively adopting eco-friendly practices and clean energy, they can inspire a global movement towards sustainability.

The blueprint equips organizations with the knowledge, information, and contacts necessary to implement renewable energy systems. Born from the success of our bespoke solar and wind installation, featuring 40 solar panels and two micro wind turbines, this mobile marvel accompanies Emirates GBR to Sail Grand Prix events worldwide.

Portable Off-grid power