Renewable Energy Asset Management

We manage every asset with care and expertise, using our track record of success to maximise operational and financial performance.

Lifecycle asset management

Our experience in managing solar assets dates back to 2011, and much progress has been made in that time. We focus on continuously reviewing and improving the design, specification and operation of our assets, ensuring we maximise potential output throughout the lifecycle.

Operational excellence

The Low Carbon team uses top-tier asset management tools and well-structured processes to make sure we achieve economies of scale and operational excellence.We’re able to do this by benefitting from direct relationships with key contractors, landowners, market players, the regulator (Ofgem) and suppliers. Low Carbon Asset Management is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Active site management

Ensuring our teams are regularly on the ground, we provide a consistent on-site presence which allows us to verify quality standards, maintain good operational knowledge and reinforce healthy working relationships with landowners.These site visits also make sure we pay attention to the success of biodiversity and land management measures.

Maximising operational performance

Regular performance monitoring and technical output analysis of each site ensures optimal output at all times.This approach guarantees each asset delivers maximum operational performance.