Wind Farm Developments and Investment Opportunities

Low Carbon follows a well-defined and structured process in developing high-quality onshore wind projects and provides opportunities for investing in wind energy to support the transition to clean, renewable power.

Our wind farm development investment process

Low Carbon manages the entire process.

1. Land assessment: we evaluate your land’s suitability for a wind farm and with an exclusivity agreement in place, we may carry out some initial environmental surveys

2. Grid connection: with your approval, we apply for a no obligation grid connection on your land

3. Planning: with a secure land agreement in place with you, Low Carbon will undertake a full Environmental Impact Assessment and a full planning application for the agreed site

4. Construction: with planning completed and a grid connection confirmed, Low Carbon will initiate the construction of the wind farm

5. Operation and Asset Management: once the site has been successfully commissioned, the wind farm becomes fully operational. All asset management duties are carried out by Low Carbon

6. Local community: we will engage and work with your community and other local stakeholders to deliver the maximum benefit to your area

Benefits of having a wind farm on your land

Wind farms are a well-established and proven renewable energy technology. Wind turbines produce electricity from the wind's kinetic energy, converting it into clean, sustainable power. Investing in wind farms has several advantages, including:

  • New, diversified annual income stream – you can earn an additional long-term, inflation-linked income from your land each year for 40+ years
  • You have nothing to pay – Low Carbon will cover all development costs
  • Continued use of your land – wind infrastructure and habitat enhancement areas will occupy a relatively small footprint and you can still graze livestock within the wind farm
  • Opportunity for growth – Investing in onshore wind presents a significant growth opportunity as it is the most established renewable technology. The rental income derived from a wind farm is considered a favourable revenue stream by banks and lenders. This could enable you to successfully secure financing for your future business or family needs