Low Carbon creates renewable energy to protect the planet for future generations.

We are able to do this thanks to our expertise in:

Investment. Our specialist investment professionals harness Low Carbon’s balance sheet capital to develop renewable energy projects at scale - from concept through to construction.

Development. This team drives the transition into a sustainable future by creating new global large-scale renewable assets.

Operational Asset Management. Providing lifecycle asset management services to Low Carbon and third parties for a growing portfolio of operating renewable energy assets.

We build

We own

We operate


Our commitment to the climate mission means we do not cut corners. We manage every asset with care. We treat our communities as real partners. We hold ourselves to account. And we invest for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

A diagram showing how Low Carbon operates in terms of how they invest, construct, develop and operate


Our partnership network adds value to our organisation by exponentially increasing our reach and capability. A mission like this requires partners and Low Carbon joins forces with leading players in renewables, active in international markets and proficient with sustainable resources or emerging technologies, ensuring each firm contributes invaluably to our business model.

Illustration of two hands shaking, one arm has wind turbines and leaves along it

Low Carbon’s role: investing in renewable energy

At Low Carbon we have a fundamental belief that the acceleration of climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity.

From onshore wind farms, solar farms to energy storage and energy from waste solutions, we're working on projects that will make our future green.

A wind turbine photographed from an elevated position