COP 28: Time to implement solutions

By: Roy Bedlow, Founder and Chief Executive of Low Carbon

There is still a lot of hope that COP Climate Summits will strike international deals that set the world on course to stop global warming exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius. Every meeting since 2015 has revolved around implementing solutions to reach the target first set in the Paris Agreement.

By attending Dubai for COP28, Low Carbon is demonstrating its role in the energy transition because renewables are crucial to powering tomorrow and provide a solution to fight climate change that exists today. An energy system based on clean electricity is within reach.

Most major economies are already on board with that goal. The G-20 Nations, among them China, the United States, the UK and India, agreed in September to pursue efforts to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030.

Now is the time to scale the proven solutions we have already created. Globally we need to world to maximise renewable energy and fast.

The conversation has shifted beyond the worrying global temperature rises and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Catastrophic weather events are now daily occurrences with temperature records repeatedly broken and climate impacts felt in unprecedented wildfires, floods, storms and droughts worldwide.

The effects of human-induced climate change are expected to make 2023 the hottest year in human history, with fears that temperatures could climb even higher in 2024.

There is no time to wait, Low Carbon has set a goal to maximise the creation of new renewable energy globally and, while we scale, we are treading as lightly as possible on the planet. Our parallel goal is to contribute to a global shift to net zero, which will take an enormous effort to reduce carbon while constructing large-scale renewable energy. If we are to power tomorrow, our work is part of the solution.

Join Low Carbon in the energy transition, we need immediate action to protect the planet for future generations.