Time to Shine for Land Rover BAR and Low Carbon

Here at Low Carbon, we’ve been working closely with the Land Rover BAR sailing team to kit out their new headquarters in Portsmouth with over 400 high capacity solar panels.

Now up and running, the home of Land Rover BAR has a capacity of 114kW and will contribute approximately 130,000kWh of clean energy per year towards the team’s energy needs. That’s enough to power more than 40 homes and could help to save over 60 tonnes of CO2 annually.

With fully operational solar panels in place, the Land Rover BAR HQ is a great example of how sports clubs can become more sustainable and generate new streams of revenue.

However, there’s more to this than simply cutting energy costs. By installing renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, sports clubs can help to lead the charge in influencing sustainable behaviour.

Sports clubs hold a privileged position as role models in society, particularly to the younger generation. This influence should not be taken for granted. Sport clubs should consider how they can encourage the public to embrace sustainability, while creating and maintaining a clean and long-lasting environment for future generations to enjoy.

Our work with Land Rover BAR is at the start of a very exciting movement. Imagine one day where vast stadiums like Wembley or even Twickenham are entirely powered by renewable energy. It’s not unrealistic.

Not only could the energy output feed back into the grid, installations such as this could play their part in mitigating the causes of climate change. And that’s a game where everyone wins.