Fox Covert Solar Farm

Low Carbon works with farmers and landowners who become real partners in our mission to invest for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

Fox Covert Solar Farm represents more than just a solar farm, as it leads our journey toward becoming a leading, global Independent Power Producer (IPP).

Jo Nicholson is our partner at Fox Covert Solar Farm in Buckinghamshire, UK. The operational solar farm is one of the diversified income sources on his 1,200 acre farm. On the land there is now 112 acres of solar, sitting alongside his beef herd and arable crops, which this year include wheat, barley, oil seed, rape, and linseed.

Fox Covert also leads the way in our mission of ‘Powering Tomorrow’ by inspiring a new generation in the fight against climate change. The site will host school groups through our partnership with LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Education, inspiring the next generation about the vital connection between food, farming, and the environment.