UrbanVolt signs $65m funding deal with UK investment firm Low Carbon

Deal will fund company’s international expansion

12 July 2018. UrbanVolt, the Irish company which established the Light as a Service business model, has signed a $65 million funding deal with UK investment company Low Carbon. In the biggest deal of its kind to date, the investment will be used to deliver energy efficiency projects across the US, UK and Continental Europe. UrbanVolt and Low Carbon share a common mission to reduce global energy consumption and have a measureable and positive impact on the environment. The greenhouse gas emissions which will be saved as a direct result of this investment is the equivalent of permanently removing every single car which commutes into Manhattan during rush hour.

UrbanVolt delivers Light as a Service (LaaS®) to corporate clients in Ireland, UK, Continental Europe and across the United States. It upgrades commercial buildings to LED lighting for no upfront capital cost, enabling companies to save 75% on their lighting costs while also dramatically reducing their carbon emissions. A proportion of the energy saving is then paid to UrbanVolt as a service charge for the first five years, during which time UrbanVolt also maintains the lights.

Low Carbon is a London based, privately-owned UK company, which specialises in renewable energy investment. The firm develops and invests in renewable energy projects and technologies, while also managing assets on its balance sheet for listed and unlisted third parties.

UrbanVolt CEO Kevin Maughan said the new deal will underwrite the company’s international expansion.
“Low Carbon has an excellent record in investing in innovative business models in the energy services sector and we see them as a great long-term partner for UrbanVolt as we look to expand in the US, UK and Continental European markets.”

“This deal will ensure that we can deliver thousands more projects each year. In addition, the multi-currency dimension of the financing arrangement is key given that we are working on new projects with a growing list of clients across the US and Europe.”

“In the US, there has been huge interest in our ‘off balance sheet’ Light as a Service offering with larger corporate clients and our existing projects, whilst Irish-based US multinationals have proved invaluable in demonstrating the effectiveness of UrbanVolt in delivering large scale energy efficiency projects. We recently opened new offices in Chicago and Florida and we hope to open a further office in California in the near future.”

Dominic Noel-Johnson, Investment Director at Low Carbon, said: “Low Carbon is committed to investing in world class renewable energy solutions which mitigate the negative effects of climate change. UrbanVolt has developed a leading Light as a Service delivery model to help companies realise significant savings through energy efficiencies, without incurring any upfront cost. This has important financial benefits, but also ensures businesses are contributing to sustainably reducing their carbon emissions. We’re delighted to be working with the UrbanVolt team on this journey.”


About Urban Volt
UrbanVolt was established in Ireland in 2015. Since then the Dublin based firm has revolutionised the energy services sector with their innovative Light as a Service (LaaS®) business model. For smart businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint, UrbanVolt makes everything about an LED lighting upgrade easy. Unlike traditional lighting companies, UrbanVolt funds the entire installation in return for a proportion of the savings.

The company also recently launched its new Solar as a Service (SOLaaS®) model on the same subscription basis, which will revolutionise solar PV generation for large corporate clients.
Earlier this year UrbanVolt announced that it had delivered energy savings equivalent to permanently turning off 1 million light bulbs as part of its commitment to the UN’s Global Lighting Challenge.


About Low Carbon
Low Carbon is a privately-owned investment company committed to the development and operation of renewable energy power production. Low Carbon invests into both renewable energy developers and projects across a range of renewable energy technologies including solar, wind, waste to energy, combined heat and power, energy storage and energy efficiency. Low Carbon has a proven track record in the development, construction, financing and management of renewable energy assets. For UK solar alone, Low Carbon has funded more than 320MW. Low Carbon remains involved in the projects for the long term with a dedicated asset management team that manages assets on balance sheet and for third parties (unlisted and listed).


About LEDs

  • The US Dept of Energy recently released a report which states that if all lights in the US were switched to LED by 2030, the energy savings delivered would be 20 times all the solar power generated in the US in the same time frame.
  • According to analysts, the potential is that by 2030 a switchover to LED lights will mean the provision of 50% more light at 50% less energy use
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) emit visible light when an electric current passes through them. This differs from traditional light bulbs which burn a gas such as mercury – circa 85% of the energy used by traditional bulbs is burned on heat, with light the by-product of the extreme heat.
  • The benefits of LEDs include significantly lower power requirement, higher efficiency and a longer life.