Redcar Holdings Limited to explore carbon capture opportunities in Teesside

Redcar Holdings Limited has signed an MoU with the Northern Endurance Partnership NEP) to explore opportunities offered through carbon capture, transportation, and storage technology.

NEP’s infrastructure will decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors by capturing carbon from industrial emitters and transporting it to secure storage in the southern North Sea.

If successfully connected to the NEP’s carbon capture infrastructure, the Redcar Energy Centre could become one of the first energy from waste plants in the UK to claim the title of net zero.

Redcar Holdings Limited, a joint venture between Low Carbon and PMAC Energy, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) to explore opportunities to reduce its industrial carbon emissions. In particular, the collaboration will explore how Redcar Energy Centre, an energy from waste plant located in Teesside, could connect to the NEP’s carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) infrastructure, and become part of the vision for a net zero Teesside.

Redcar Energy Centre is ideally located adjacent to the intended location of the Net Zero Teesside CO2 compressor station before the CO2 is exported offshore to the Endurance carbon store. If connected to the NEP, Redcar Energy Centre could be one of first energy from waste plants in the UK and the world to claim the title of net zero and deliver carbon negative baseload power to the grid.

The NEP will transport CO2, captured by industrial emitters from within Teesside and the Humber, along its onshore and offshore network for permanent storage deep underground in Endurance, the UK’s largest appraised saline aquifer for carbon storage, in the southern North Sea.

The NEP bid on behalf of the East Coast Cluster – a collaboration between Net Zero Teesside and Zero Carbon Humber projects – has recently been named as one of the UK’s first carbon capture, usage and storage clusters following a successful bid to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The East Coast Cluster could become operational by mid-2026 and capture more than 20m tonnes of CO2 per annum by 2030.

Dominic Noel Johnson, Investment Director, Low Carbon, said: “We look forward to working with bp and the other consortium members to explore ways Redcar Energy Centre could potentially supply CO2 to the NEP, and become one of the first energy from waste plants in the world to become carbon negative. Redcar Energy Centre received planning in January 2021 for a 49MW energy recovery facility and is expected to enter the construction phase by Q4 2022 and be fully operational in 2025.

Andy Lane, Managing Director, Northern Endurance Partnership, said: “The NEP stands ready to help decarbonise industries in Teesside and the Humber, a region which represents half of all the UK’s total industrial cluster emissions. We’re actively working with business to deliver the CCS infrastructure needed to decarbonise this key industrial heartland.”


Redcar Holdings Limited

Redcar Holdings is a joint venture between Low Carbon and PMAC Energy established to develop a “state-of-the-art” 49MW energy recovery facility designed to divert residual waste away from landfill and recover the energy in the form of both electricity and heat. The development is located at Redcar Bulk Terminals, which, under current plans, is ideally located to benefit from NEP’s carbon capture infrastructure.

Northern Endurance Partnership:

bp, Equinor, Eni, National Grid, Shell and Total form the Northern Endurance Partnership, a partnership announced in October 2020 to develop offshore carbon dioxide (CO2) transport and storage infrastructure in the UK North Sea, with bp as operator. The infrastructure will serve the Net Zero Teesside and Zero Carbon Humber, which aim to establish decarbonised industrial clusters in Teesside and Humber. If both projects fulfil their potential, NEP can enable the decarbonisation of nearly 50% of the UK’s industrial cluster emissions.