Wind Energy (offshore and onshore)

Wind Energy is a proven well-developed source of renewable energy. With Britain’s and Europe’s favourable and often windy climate, wind energy is both viable and highly effective. With a total net installed capacity of 189 GW, wind energy is the second largest form of power generation capacity in Europe.

Wind can be used to generate electricity using wind turbines which convert the kinetic energy of air currents into motion energy which generates electricity. Wind farms are composed of large, multi-megawatt wind turbines and can be located both onshore and offshore feeding their electricity to the grid.

Wind is a source of clean and renewable energy, which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. Along with other renewable technologies, wind energy will help the UK in achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Wind energy has high levels of support from the British public with 79% in support of onshore wind and 83% in support of offshore wind.

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Wind Turbines with distant mountains