Section 1: Key Information

    Please provide the following information:

    1. Solution Name

    What is the name of your solution? This is the name that you would expect to be used publicly if you are selected as a winner.*

    2. Name of Nominee

    Please give the name of the person/organisation behind the solution. If you are a person or small number of persons, please include all full name(s). If you are a group of people or organisation, please use the name of the team/organisation/body.*

    3. Nominee Type (please select one)

    4. Short description of your solution

    Please provide a short, clear description of what the nomination is. For example, 'a project to grow corals in the Caribbean' or 'city-wide network of local food waste hubs', or 'a young innovator who has created a solar ironing cart'.*

    5. Solution Type (please select one)

    6. Country/Territory

    What is the main country/territory in which you are based? If there are multiple countries please use the location of the head office or the country in which the solution was founded.*

    7. Please indicate which countries/territories the solution is active within

    Please list the main country/territory selected above as well as any additional countries that the solution operates in or has a direct impact in. For example, the head office of Takachar is in India but they also have a team and customers in Kenya.*

    8. Registered address of nominee

    9. Registered address of nominee

    10. Lead Nominee

    This should be the person who would accept the Prize on behalf of the solution. For example, the founder. Please add full name, current position/job title, email, social media handles and affiliated organisation(s) or individual(s)

    11. Key Contact

    This should be the person who The Earthshot Prize can liaise with and who can answer follow up questions. For example, a chief of staff, special assistant or programme director. It can also be the same lead nominee as above, if the lead nominee is happy to liaise directly with The Earthshot Prize.

    Section 2: Solution Details

    Please provide the following information on behalf of your solution. These questions are based on what the solution does and how it makes an impact.

    12. Primary Earthshot (please select one)

    13. Primary Problem/Issue (please select one)

    What problem/issue area does your solution address within the relevant Earthshot

    14. Identify the secondary Earthshots which your solution relates to and you believe the solution can contribute towards. (please select one)

    What problem/issue area does your solution address within the relevant Earthshot

    15. Other Problems/Issues (please select up to three)

    What other problems/issue areas does your solution address within the primary or secondary Earthshots?

    16. Summary of solution (100 words)

    Please provide a concise summary of your solution, if you had to tell the story for a public audience.

    This summary should give a clear and inspiring story of WHAT the solution is, WHY it is needed and HOW it contributes to the selected Earthshot.

    17. What type of intervention does the solution primarily use? (please select one)

    Examples for each of these types are:

    • Preventative: AEM Electrolyser, Climate Winner 2021, which turns renewable electricity into green hydrogen, a zero emission gas that can replace fossil fuels and thus prevent carbon emissions.
    • Adaptive: Living Seawalls, Oceans Finalist 2021, which are habitat panels, fitted to manmade coastal sea defences. By mimicking natural coastal rock formations, the Seawalls adapt coastal sea-defences to bring back nature.
    • Restorative: Coral Vita, Oceans Winner 2021, which grows corals and outplants them into degraded reefs, to restore the world’s dying coral reefs.

    18. Which SDGs does the Solution Address? (please select up to three)

    19. How does this solution build inclusion and equity? (100 words)

    20. How is the solution’s primary impact achieved? (please select one)

    21. Are there other organisations/people doing similar things to the nominated solution? (please select one)

    22. Please name the other key organisations/people (max. 50 words)

    23. What makes the nominated solution different or better than those who do similar
    work?(max 100 words)

    24. Please upload a photograph that represents the solution or nominee/team (Permitted file types: image files (.jpg, .png). Minimum file size: 1KB ; Maximum file size: 30MB. )

    Section 3: Ambitions and Scaling

    25. Which of the following options best describes the stage the solution is at? (please select one)

    26. How many countries is the solution currently active within? (please select one)

    27. Which continents could the solution be scaled to/replicated in with the support of The Earthshot Prize?

    28. How many customers/users/beneficiaries does the solution have?

    Please give an approximate number of people using or affected by the solution

    29. How would you describe the potential to scale the impact of your solution? (please select one)

    30. When could your solution be scaled/replicated in this way with the support of The Earthshot Prize? (please select one)

    31. Please describe your solution’s most recent significant breakthrough or achievement, which makes it a worthy winner of The Earthshot Prize (100 words)

    Examples of breakthroughs include: creation of a functional prototype; launch of an in-market pilot program; close of a first paying customer/contract; successfully raised funds or secured significant partnership; completed major research trial; launched in new geography or sector; achieved a landmark victory (e.g. a legal victory).

    32. When was this breakthrough or achievement?

    Please enter this as a year in the format YYYY (e.g. 2022)

    33. What is the key impact that your solution would like to achieve with the support of The Earthshot Prize? (100

    Winners of The Earthshot Prize are granted GBP £1million to scale their impact. Winners and Finalists are also given a global platform and profile, and tailored support from the Prize’s Global Alliance network, including in-kind support and partnership opportunities. Please indicate the scale of impact that could be achieved by winning the Prize. Please note that the proposed impact should be realistic and achievable by 2025. It should focus on the measurable impact against the Earthshot (and associated SDGs) that could be achieved (e.g. X% less carbon), rather than intermediate outcomes for the nominee (e.g. increased publicity).

    34. What is the primary support that would help to achieve this impact? (please select one)

    35. How much funding/investment does the nominee require in order to scale the impact of the solution over the next 2-3 years? (GBP) (please select one)

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