St Columb Solar Park

St Columb Solar Park is a ground-mounted, fixed-tilt solar PV site on largely unproductive grade-3 land some 800m south-east of the small Cornish town of St Columb Major. The 37-acre site, across three agricultural fields, is adequately hidden from nearby roads by well-maintained Cornish hedgerows. Read More

Battens Farm Solar Park

The diligence of key stakeholders ensured this 67-acre site was commissioned in record time by our developer partner, Inazin. Preserved biodiversity features include an oak, perimeter hedgerows and badger setts, with bird and bat boxes, wild flowers and reseeded grassland introduced post-construction. Read More

Lackford Estate Solar Park

Close to a Suffolk SSSI, screened by woodland, this award-winning development required great care in order to protect flora and fauna. The site continues to favour nesting stone curlews. Excellent project management meant a trouble-free delivery: despite severe weather, the site was commissioned just one year after proposal. Read More

Berwick Solar Park

Although grazed by sheep, much of Berwick is wet marshland with little biodiversity. However, over 900 metres of hedgerow have been planted to encourage insects, breeding birds and small mammals. Native trees have been planted, along with bat and bird boxes, insect hotels and log piles. This solar park was… Read More

Bottom Plain Solar Park

A discreet development on green-belt Dorset farmland. Historically used to grow arable crops, Bottom Plain has been developed by its owner as a second site alongside the Trigon solar project commissioned in March 2013. The two parks are linked and served by a common access trackway. This solar park was… Read More