Hellums Field Solar Park

Adjacent Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty meant care was taken to ensure Hellums Field would suit its surroundings, with consideration given to the nearby Roman remains of Iwerne Villa. Confident in ongoing land quality, there are sheep grazing the site and several beehives are established. Read More

Wilmingham Solar Park

Located on the Isle of Wight, Wilmingham is close to the saltwater tidal River Yar estuary: one of southern England’s most biodiverse environmental habitats. Although noted for its sunshine, the area is cooled by a year-round sea breeze, increasing panel efficiency. Read More

Trigon Solar Park

Before building Trigon on reclaimed, ex-cattle grazing heathland, the farm owners already operated a smaller PV array. Known for excellent land management, the owners received no opposition to the new development, where a temporary fence was erected to protect the habitats for a variety of local fauna. Read More

Warleigh Barton Solar Park

Warleigh Barton is sited in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Tamar Valley’s excellent irradiance making solar a natural renewables choice. The development satisfied local landscape and ecology sensitivities, with efficient management supporting the planning processes. Read More