Alteveer Solar Park (Zonnepark Alteveer)

The location for the Alteveer solar park has been carefully selected. The site, a mix of vacant land and temporary forest, is adjacent to the town and also a large landfill site. The solar park will be carefully integrated into the landscape and will include native plants. Combined, these measures… Read More

Medel Solar Park (Zonnepark Medel)

The Medel solar park is planned for a site on the outskirts of the municipality of Neder-Betuwe, north of the A15 at entrance and exit 34 Echteld. The planned site is located in an already fairly industrialised area with a sand extraction site and wind turbines visible. The Medel solar… Read More

Haarweg Solar Park (Zonnepark Haarweg)

Situated in the rural area of Haarweg in the west of Wageningen, this site is relatively low lying. Combined with the lowest impact design, the site will be well screened from the nearby N225 Lawickse Allee. The site design makes provision for specific ecological zones to support insect hotels and… Read More