Wind Power Investment

Wind portfolio summary

A vital component of the UK’s renewable energy mix is wind power. Recognising its importance, Low Carbon is currently developing a robust onshore wind portfolio of c100MW.

Mature and globally established, wind power is harvested from airflow by way of wind turbines. Onshore turbines occupy little land space, while realising substantial MWs of clean, renewable electrical energy. With the countryside adjacent to wind projects freed for agricultural and other purposes, local biodiversity can be maintained, with habitats and breeding grounds protected and allowed to naturally flourish.

Low Carbon’s wind expertise and portfolio

To leverage the opportunities offered by wind power, Low Carbon draws on the skills and experience of a dedicated team. Our track record of developing and managing onshore wind exceeds 600MW.

All Low Carbon pipeline wind projects are rigorously assessed for feasibility, with each study considering in detail a range of local factors which could affect a wind farm’s development and performance:

  • Likely wind speed
  • Local and national planning policies and designations
  • Proximity to residential properties
  • Civil and military radar
  • Communications
  • Environmental impacts (with particular focus on avian impact)

The UK (and particularly Scotland, where much of Low Carbon’s wind portfolio is located) benefits from some of Europe’s best wind resource, with the potential to generate sufficient renewable energy for many times the country’s needs.