Energy storage has a crucial role to play in both the management of energy supply in the UK and in the wider uptake of renewable energy technologies in the future.

As the UK’s energy requirements continue to grow, storage technologies and projects will help to ensure that energy is always available where it is needed. Low Carbon’s experience and track record in the renewable energy sector means that we are well positioned to be a leading player in the UK energy storage market.

Low Carbon has a strong portfolio of energy storage sites in development. We were the only  company to successfully secure two contracts in National Grid’s recent Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) tender process. The two projects, one in Cleator (Cumbria) and the other in Glassenbury (Kent), have a total capacity of 50MW.

With energy storage becoming an integral part of the UK power mix, Low Carbon is continuing to identify new projects and development partners to expand our pipeline capacity to help secure the UK’s energy future.