Medel Solar Park (Zonnepark Medel)


The Medel solar park is planned for a site on the outskirts of the municipality of Neder-Betuwe, north of the A15 at entrance and exit 34 Echteld. The planned site is located in an already fairly industrialised area with a sand extraction site and wind turbines visible. The Medel solar park will benefit from careful landscaping and biodiversity measures. A herb-rich grassland is to be planted between the solar panels, complemented with beehives and insect hotels. The solar park will be made available for research purposes, to be conducted by Wageningen University Research (WUR).

An on site location photo related to Medel Solar Park (Zonnepark Medel)
Annual Production (mwh) 15418
Install capacity (MW) 16
Households powered per annum 5316
CO2 emissions saved (tonnes per annum) 3941