Haarweg Solar Park (Zonnepark Haarweg)


Situated in the rural area of Haarweg in the west of Wageningen, this site is relatively low lying. Combined with the lowest impact design, the site will be well screened from the nearby N225 Lawickse Allee. The site design makes provision for specific ecological zones to support insect hotels and possibly beehives with habitats further improved with the planting of herb-rich grassland between the solar panels. Biodiversity will be further enhanced with a 5.0m wide hedge to be placed around part of the site.

An on site location photo related to Haarweg Solar Park (Zonnepark Haarweg)
Annual Production (mwh) 5782
Install capacity (MW) 6
Households powered per annum 1994
CO2 emissions saved (tonnes per annum) 1478