Renewable energy asset management encompasses the process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner (including all costs, risks and performance attributes).  The Low Carbon Asset Management team is able to clearly translate what is happening at each site we manage into specific performance-enhancing recommendations to the client. This approach enables improved business investment decision making for the client.

Our comprehensive Asset Management services range from Health and Safety assessments, cash & expenditure management, accounting & taxes, loan compliance, PPA management, and contracts management all the way through to detailed site performance analysis and KPI tracking.  Low Carbon’s highly-qualified and experienced Asset Management team covers each of these services functions effectively. Click here to learn more about Low Carbon’s asset management consultancy services.

With our technical asset team based in Exeter, we ensure that all assets we manage receive a minimum of two technical visits per year. Combined with our presence in London, Hereford and Stroud, Low Carbon has the capability to support more frequent site visits as required.

Our team in London is readily available to support client-side meetings and, with a dedicated lead assigned to each Asset Management account, Low Carbon is well positioned to be responsive and supportive of our clients’ ongoing asset management needs.

Financial Services

Our qualified financial team will take care of all associated revenue streams including annual budgeting, OFGEM submissions, tax administration, alongside accounting, bookkeeping, debt management and a range of banking support services.

Commercial Services

With your project’s best interests at heart, and harnessing more than 25 years’ combined experience, our commercial services team will handle all contract and insurance management, site security, PPA management, procurement activities, landowner liaison and a suite of other complementary services.

Technical Services

Our qualified technical team ensures optimal performance all year round.  With regular site visits, risk assessment management, strict health and safety monitoring of the principal contractor, in-depth analysis and reporting, your investment is in very safe hands. A number of the team hold NEBOSH qualification.