Low Carbon has beehives on selected solar parks across the UK. Solar parks make ideal homes for bees and their hives – they are secure environments with readily available food sources. Today, Low Carbon has more than 2 million bees who call our solar parks home with each hive housing approximately 60,000 bees. Our beehives are tended to regularly by trained beekeepers to ensure the wellbeing of our bees, ensuring they remain free from mites and parasites – an increasing challenge due to climate change.

Each year we harvest and bottle the honey from our hives – always leaving sufficient stores for the bees to see through the winter.

The Low Carbon honey is handled delicately:

• our honey is spun and then lightly filtered

• it is then placed in a settling tanks

• the settling tank slightly warms the honey before it is placed in jars

• our honey is not irradiated or pasteurised

This subtle processing ensures that Low Carbon honey is as natural and tasty as possible.

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