Standing up to climate change with Smarter Heating


Martin Pickard, investment director at Low Carbon, discusses how smarter heating and CHP in particular can lower energy costs for consumers and ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

The outcome of the recent UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence Report 2017 was that ‘More Action’ was needed in the country to prevent damage, particularly to health, wellbeing and  productivity from flooding. Major concerns were highlighted by the Climate Change Committee, should Britain continue to remain relatively passive in its efforts to combat the consequences of climate change.


The plight of the honeybee


Quentin Scott, Marketing Director at Low Carbon, highlights initiatives promoting the cause of the honeybee

The humble honeybee. We, quite literally, couldn’t live without them. At Low Carbon, we feel that everyone should take note of how crucial these insects are to the planet’s survival. Without bees, we would lose all of the producing plants that they pollinate: around 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world’s population.


The Year So Far And A Look Ahead: Renewable Energy In 2016


Quentin Scott, marketing director at Low Carbon, explores the renewable energy landscape in 2016

As we approach the half-way mark of 2016, we thought now would be a good time to reflect on the year so far and look forward to what the rest of it might bring for the renewable energy industry.


The fifth carbon budget: expectation and ambition


Guest blog: Robert Ede, a consultant specialising in energy and environment at the Whitehouse Consultancy, discusses the importance and impact of the UK’s 5th carbon budget

This is an important month for UK energy and climate policy. Whilst everyone’s attention is rightly focused on the outcome of the EU Referendum and its implications, there is an important announcement expected after 23 June which will also prove pivotal in shaping the role of the UK in combatting climate change.