UrbanVolt created Light as a Service (LaaS®) in order to deliver energy efficiency projects for corporate clients for no capital cost.

Operating across Ireland, the UK, Continental Europe and the US, the company has become a world leader in upgrading commercial buildings to LED lighting. It delivers projects for no upfront capital cost via their unique service model, enabling companies to save 75% on their lighting costs while also dramatically reducing their carbon emissions. A proportion of the energy saving is then paid to UrbanVolt as a service charge for the first five years, during which time UrbanVolt also maintains the lights.

UrbanVolt’s unique off-balance sheet solution means they have expanded rapidly around the world, with a particular focus on multi-site, multi-national companies.

The funding deal between UrbanVolt and Low Carbon will be used to deliver energy efficiency projects across the globe as both companies share a common mission to reduce global energy consumption and have a measurable and positive impact on the environment.

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