Inazin Power

Inazin Power has been a key enabler of solar investment with more than 200MW of solar PV developed since the firm’s foundation in 2010.

An acknowledged leader in large-scale UK solar, Inazin has developed PV projects of varied capacity up to 38MW. All are designed to deliver the highest potential value for clients and landowners, each site structured to harmonise with landscape, agricultural needs and the expectations of residents and visitors. Inazin is also rapidly growing its portfolio of wind and commercial rooftop projects.

With many more sites planned or in advanced stages of development, such a growing UK renewables portfolio requires funding. Inazin is a valued affiliate of Low Carbon and one of several exclusive developer partners. As such we ensure Inazin enjoys access to substantial sources of finance, providing our partner with sufficient resource to remain agile, efficient and with the stability to address the constant change which characterises the renewables industry.

Inazin has in-house capabilities in all key areas of solar and wind development, from site-finding, planning, legal and design to grid connection, project management and finance. Its clients therefore benefit from complete continuity, with all developmental activities undertaken by one supplier and through a single point of contact.